August 2015

I spent a week out of this month on my honeymoon in Aruba. We spent the week hiking, drinking, swinging in hammocks, and swimming in the ocean. We stayed on the local's side of the island and skipped all the tourist bullshit. It was perfect.

Picked six of my favorite photos from the trip and put them in a special, August-only wallpaper pack. If you sign up this month, or are already a member, you get the bonus "Holy shit, I spent a week in the Caribbean, look at how pretty it is" wallpaper pack.

The bonus pack will look something like this.

The two planned wallpapers are from Oneonta Gorge in Oregon — easily my favorite hike and one of my favorite waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. It's not a hike as much as you scurry over a natural log dam and then walk up a creek for a half mile.

Since it's been incredibly hot in Oregon the past month, the gorge has been packed with people. I didn't want people in the photographs, so I woke up at 5AM to get there early enough that people wouldn't be there. I'm now convinced: 5AM is the best time for hikes.

Hope you enjoy them.