September 2015

Alyse and I are talking about spending a year and a half on the road, camping. It's a mildly terrifying and completely exciting idea. We decided to take a long weekend, camp, and talk it over.

Our original plan was to go to a little walk-up campground 13 miles up a service road after driving 50 miles outside of Portland. "No one will be there!" Turns out, another family had the same thought and took the entire campground for their family reunion.

We ended up spending the first night at a trailhead a few miles up the road. The next morning we packed up and headed out to find a walk-up site at a different campground. Before heading out, I took some time to photograph the meadow next to the trailhead. That's the first wallpaper.

We checked six campgrounds and, with no luck, decided to give up and head home. We drove by lucky number seven as we were heading home and checked it on a whim. The only walk-up site was pulling out as we pulled up—finally found the one. I went out the last night we were there and took the second wallpaper. If you'd like to lear more about how I took that photo, I wrote a how-to article on Medium.